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“I am Ksenia” - This is how I would introduce myself in a real acquaintance, smiling shyly. And due to this shyness, you would never have guessed that I am an actress by education, well a puppeteer to be more precise. Only when the acquaintance becomes closed I would talk about this side of my life. But, since you are a guest of my site I will be brave enough to tell you about everything.


I grew up in a small Russian village as part of a large family, worked a lot helping around the house. i remember that i was always busy but there is one thing i remember with a mile, I always sewed - my mother taught me to. At the age of 6, she put me behind a sewing machine. 

I learned so hard that at the same age I managed to sew clothes not only for my dolls, but also for the dolls of my friends, I even tried to make a small store. 

My other hobbies at that time were theater, drawing, dance and singing. I really loved this creative life in the midst of the Russian nature.

After school, I decided to become an actress, but failing auditions in several universities made me rethink my artistic education and eventually i got accepted to the IVANOVO puppet theater collage. I could not imagine that my secret childish doll games (up until the age of 15 btw) would eventually become a “legal” part of my adult life . It was a delight! 

During my studies, I’ve evolved my sewing skills. I would sew lots of stuff - clothes for myself, souvenirs, small decor pieces. Until, one day, I decided to make my own puppet performance. And the performance was about puppets. I’ve created the dolls for it, and once the work was done I realized that I really like to make dolls. Few weeks later ,by chance, I stumbled upon a tv show about Teddy! And I fell in love with them!


This happened in 2014, at the same time I married an Israeli actor and director Leon Moroz. Moving to a new country definitely brought me closer to my plush friends. 


My brand was born.

For me, the world of puppet theater has become completely inseparable from the world of Teddy - two closely related fields that educate children and inspire the imagination of adults. 


I am convinced that it is we who endow dolls and toys with a “soul”, we create their living essence and make them become something close to us. Therefore, on my logo a bird is a symbol of flight of fantasy and lightness.


Since that year, I have been constantly participating in doll and Teddy exhibitions, as well as puppet theater festivals. It Inspires me and makes me study. 

The largest of them are “Festival mondial des théâtres de marionnettes FMTM” (2017), “Fantanima” (2019), “TeddyEurAsia” (2018, 2019), “HelloTeddy” (2018), “TeddyBearTotal” (2020).

As for competitions, I have won two awards: “Ursamajor. Contest ”(2018) and“ TeddyEurAsia. Contest ”(2019)


As i already mentioned im not setisfied just doing teddy so i also create puppets for theater and TV. 

In 2017, I’ve created a marionette-doll for a clip of the Israeli musician Rami Fortis and completely “revived” it for the camera. I have designed and created all the puppets for the play “Snow Tale” which is performed in Malenki theater (Tel Aviv), where i act as well.

In my work I appreciate, first of all, the emotion that i get from you! The smiles, the feeling of comfort, warmth and love. 

And the Teddies - they will happily give you all of these back is especially. They are very generous when it comes to feelings. 


i am most happy when i can see how a Toy (that i’ve made)  fills you with emotions. 


So i want to as you just for one thing: Fantasize, play -  then the world is filled with beautiful colors! 


I'm with you :-)

Exhibitions and Competitions


Ursamajor 2018 / Ekaterenburg/Russia

The Big Event 2018 /  Netherlands

TeddyMission 2018 / Dublin/Ireland

Jerusalim 2019 / Israel

Fantanima Catalog 2019 / Tokio/Japan

Hello Teddy 2018 /Moscow/Russia

Teddy World 2017/ S.-Petersburg

Teddy Frands 2018 /Moscow/Russia

Teddy Evrasia 2018 / Perm / Russia

Teddy Fun 2019 /S.-Petersburg

Arad 2017/ Israel

Teddy Master 2018 /Moscow/Russia

Teddy Frands 2018/Moscow/Russia

Teddy World 2019/ S.-Petersburg

Teddy World 2018/2 /S.-Petersburg

Teddy World 2018 /S.-Petersburg

Teddy World 2016 /S.Petrsburg

© 2021 Kseniya Moroz , Israel 

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